What Is the Secret Sauce of Gaining a Retailer Meeting?

What is the secret sauce of getting a buyer to talk to you??

It's simple - they have to know who you are!
This course will take you from invisible to massively visible in 7 simple steps

Learn everything you need to raise your brand's profile with retail customers:

⭐️ your trade USP

⭐️ the right messages

⭐️ 7 amazing ways to ensure you have newsworthy stories, profile raising activity

⭐️ and much more.... 

In just a couple of hours

for only £47!

Did you know?

Someone has to see you 7 times before they will take action.
And that is research that was done in the 80s before internet and social media - now it's probably more!
The Secret Sauce of Getting a Listing is ensuring that your target customer sees you at least 7 times so that when you get in touch by email or do a lightening pitch, they are ready and primed.
They know exactly who you are and why they should list your product.
Simple, huh?
Uh oh….or not
How on earth am I going to get the buyer to see me 7 or more times?


Let me on the course!


  • One page trade marketing plan
  • Build your USP and marketing messages
  • Retailer profile summaries
  • BONUS Exhibition checklist


10 Videos

  • Intro to why we need to do this!
  • Creating your USP and trade messages
  • 7 steps
  • Summary to pull it all together


Take Action – get it done in less than an afternoon

This course is the PERFECT fit for you IF:

You have been trying to get a buyer’s attention and they never reply to your emails and all you get is tumbleweed!

You apply online to the supplier portals and …..eventually get the standard email
“We are sorry we do not have a gap for your products in our range at this time”
Or no reply whatsoever!

You have paid Product Guru or Bread and Jam or someone else to do a lightening pitch and the buyer doesn’t ask for samples, give you their name or seem the remotest bit interested...

Come and learn from me, Karen Green, the Food Mentor! 

I have been helping my food and drink clients for over 8 years to gain and grow retailer listings. We have had some amazing successes winning Tesco, Costco, Ocado and many more.

And what is the secret sauce?

Making sure the buyer knows who we are BEFORE we get in touch

The secret sauce to getting a retailer listing is:

  • Ensuring you know what your unique selling point (USP) is for the retail customer
  • Crafting the right messages to use in all your TRADE media
  • Finding a minimum of 7 ways to target your buyer through 7 different approaches
  • Making sure your buyer knows who you are BEFORE you get in touch with them

The secret sauce to getting a retailer listing is not:

  • Talking to your target retail customer or buyer
  • Hoping that your consumer social media will get seen
  • Crazy stalking!

Through this easy to follow, quick to implement course, you will learn the EXACT, step-by-step blueprint I follow, with all my clients,  to raise their profiles and ensure the buyer knows them before they get in touch

With this tried, tested and proven to work process in place, you will get ahead of the competition and ensure the buyer knows who you are and is ready to talk about a listing

...there’s never been a better time to start that conversation than now.

Ok let's go!


You are Ready to Launch!
You have finalised your brand design and product recipes, built your social media plan to reach your target customers and are ready to make some sales

Now is the perfect time to craft your trade message to ensure you are warming up your future retail customers

You are killing the DTC market
You already have a great brand and have established a good rate of sales through your own website but now ready to take the brand to the next stage and keen to find retail partners to give you a wider distribution

You are already on the way to retail success

Your brand is already be listed in some great local indies or smaller retail chains and you are ready for the big time!! You want to take the next big step and get a top UK grocery listing ahead of your competition


Find out what’s in the course and download your One Page Trade Marketing plan.

Module One

We dig into how to create that trade USP and design the right message.

Module Two

How LinkedIn can help raise both your personal profile and that of the brand and create content that gets the buyer to contact YOU!

Module Three

Decide if exhibitions are worth the investment for you and if so download our checklist to make sure they are a success.

Module Four

How to use press releases, journorequests and other ways to get personal and brand coverage.

Module Five

Awards are a great source of recognition, PR and reasons to contact a buyer - so check out how to win!

Module Six

Ensure your online presence is optimized so when the buyer checks you out, they are suitably impressed to take action?

Module Seven

#hastags how they can help improve your visibility and enable the buyer to find you.

Module Eight

Referrals and other ideas for ensuring you get recommendations to the buyer.


Brief catch up on everything we have learned.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchase the Pop Up Product Program, you’ll receive:

         2x opening and closing videos

         7x videos

         2x trade marketing templates

         2x bonus downloads

Everything you need to ensure your retailer buyer gets to see and hear your message at least 7 times.

Yes - once you purchase the course, you’ll receive an email with your login details and gain access to everything immediately.

Absolutely. You’ll get lifetime access to all of the course content, so you’ll be able to continue to use the info over and over again.

This course will not overwhelm you – it is really easy to do and designed with you in mind, so that you can get trade messages out there. I do suggest to my clients to allow 90 days for great effects.  However with LinkedIn, you may find your buyer getting in touch sooner than expected!

There are no guarantees in life and certainly not with the UK grocery sector.  BUT this course will load the dice in your favour, raise your profile with the buyer, get you ahead of the competition and ensure you maximise coverage for your brand.

That’s totally up to you. There is around one hour of videos but each one requires some work especially the all important USP and trade messages  It’s possible to binge them and get it done in a couple of hours or you might want to do a little bit over a week or longer. Whatever works for you.


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