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Ready to win listings with UK retailers?

Retailer Ready is the 90-day programme that gives you all the strategies, resources and support you need to get listed! 

Join other food and drink entrepreneurs from. Together, we'll prepare, present and finesse the most compelling approach, targeting and pitch to ensure you get that listing and negotiate the best deal!
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Ready to engage, pitch and onboard with retailers?

  • Which retailers are the perfect fit for your business?
  • Do you understand how buyers’ minds work?
  • Have you crafted the perfect pitch deck?
  • Do you know the best ways to negotiate?
  • How are you going to run that first meeting?
  • How do you launch successfully to keep your listings?

If you don't have all the answers, it's time to get Retailer Ready!

Previous graduates have won listings with these retailers (and more)

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What's stopping you getting listed?  Let's build your confidence through these 6 easy steps

  • Find the right buyer and retailer for you. Together, we'll map out your product positioning and choose the right route to market for your products. We'll ensure you're approaching the right buyers in the right categories. 
  • Unlock the secrets of how to get that meeting. I've got many years experience sending emails and getting good responses from buyers. I'll share my top tips on tailoring email subject and copy so the buyer reads it and wants to meet you. 
  • Overcome pre-meeting jitters with Perfect Preparation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I provide you with all the templates you need to cost your products, build your forecasts and plan your negotiation. The course teaches you how to plan for the meeting so that you're calm, confident and able to handle anything the buyer throws at you. 
  • Delivering the perfect pitch. Never be afraid to face a buyer again. Understand your buyer better with my unique 'buyerology' matrix which helps you understand their motivations and create the perfect presentation, tailored to their specific needs.
  • Become a negotiating pro. Buyers get negotiation training - why shouldn't you? We dedicate a whole module to the principles and practices of negotiation. Learn how to plan your opening offers, know what you can give away, understand what the buyer wants and how to deal with psychological tactics they might use.
  • How to launch so you keep and grow your hard-won listing. The excitement when you get the first listing is awesome, but then what? The course will teach you how to launch the product and create successful sales from Day 1 to ensure your product stays listed.

Dee Mapasure, founder of K's Wors

Dee attended our first cohort of Pitch Perfect in April 2019. Her delicious sausages are made with best-in-class British meats, the finest South African spices and lots of TLC.

Prior to that she had pitched at Bread and Jam in 2018 where she met Ocado and Costco. Both loved the samples that she brought along. However it was not all plain sailing! She attended the course the following year and having learnt that listings take time and perseverance is key, Dee kept going, applying for awards, upping her marketing and keeping both buyers informed of her progress. Finally in December 2019, she launched into Ocado! And continued to plug away at Costco until the buyer requested a meeting. Then things moved quickly and we launched into 29 warehouses.

What you get in Retailer Ready

Group Coaching

12 weekly coaching sessions with Karen to solve ongoing issues, share learning and support each other.  

Training Library

Bite size videos on how to  become Retailer Ready - from finding the right buyer, presentations to negotiation. 

 Template Library

Everything you need to work out margins, structure the perfect deck, plan great meetings and more.


You're not alone. The group and the Food Mentor network will support you via our private Facebook group.

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Check out the testimonials

Tara Mei


"I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone interested in being successful. Karen cuts to the chase and gets stuck in! Perceptive, insightful and full of great, tangible ideas that stand on a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge. Karen is the real deal"

Milly Bagot

By Ruby

"Karen brings experience, insight and a can do attitude to everything she does. We were lucky enough to be assigned Karen as a mentor through Virgin Startup and she then became a Non-Exec Director at ByRuby. She is approachable and so helpful.

Phil Evans


"Karen worked with us at a critical point in our Pelagonia journey. She brought valuable insights, connections and recommendations and was generous with her time and ideas."

NB Phil won a 300 store listing with the Coop after my recommendation to enter Q food awards!!

Is Retailer Ready Right for You?

It's for you if 

  1. You want to launch your products into grocery retail
  2. You want to create a level playing field so you know as much as your buyer
  3. You want to generate profitable sales from new grocery listings
  4. You want to feel confident and able to deliver that next, necessary stage of growth for your business
  5. You don't just want to study on your own - you want help and support along the way
  6. You have already built a successful brand and ready for the big time

It's not for you if 

  1. You're still manufacturing in home kitchen - most retailers want Salsa or BRC approval
  2. You are looking for a magic solution - nothing replaces hard graft and constant chasing
  3. You are not happy to be part of a group working together to support each other to get listings*
  4. You don’t want to take your business to the next level by accessing the 87,141 UK grocery stores

* Confidentiality is key part of the programme so we will avoid signing up your competition (see FAQs below)

Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our programme is already proven with our student testimonials and fantastic listing successes. However, if you're still unsure about joining, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Try the program risk-free and if you're not happy with it, ask for a refund within 30 days, and we'll take care of that for you!

Introducing Karen Green, Food Mentor

I'm unbelievably passionate about UK food businesses that it's almost an obsession.

I was a buyer at both Tesco and Boots, then commercial director for several food businesses including Samworths, Ichiban and Zinda Foods. I worked in many categories from vitamins to sushi achieving amazing profit sales growth. 

For the past 8 years, I have been mentoring and supporting hundreds of food businesses to launch into new routes to market including UK retailers, food service and others. We have consistently achieved great sales results through listings with all the major retailers. I love what I do and there's nothing like the feeling of getting listed!

Come and let me help you too!  


Got a question about Retailer Ready?

Frequently Asked Questions about Retailer Ready