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Pitch Perfect

 Our Signature Course.

Become retailer-ready with Pitch Perfect!

Everything you need to know on how to win business with UK retailers.

In 6 simple steps, we will build your knowledge and your confidence so that you can win those retailer listings, get the best possible deal and create the sales growth that you dream of!


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The Secret Sauce of Getting a Retailer Listing

How do you get a buyer to talk to you?

It's simple - they have to want to!

And they will only do that if they know who you are, what you do and how fantastically your brand will transform their business.

This course will take you from invisible to massively visible in 7 simple steps in just a couple of hours.


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How to Launch a Food Business: From Idea to Reality in Just 7 Easy Steps

 What are the big categories with big customer potential?

What is a successful food brand?

How to build one?

Everything you need to know to launch a successful food business in 7 easy steps.


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